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Nov 13, 2009

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Nov 10, 2009

Retailers - Wholesale- baby shoes- socks soft rubber selection

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Nov 6, 2009

Mary-Jane Sockoes

In my multiples efforts to create nice cute socks with rubber sole I came with the idea of have of Mary-Jane SOCKOES for baby girls and older girls. My first attempt of Mary-Jane sockoes were the one that I am showing in the picture:

My baby Mady really like them, and the dog like them the best, specially when he was able to take them away from my little Mady’s feet to chew on this rubber SOCKOES.

Funny stuff.  Mady was 16 months and Samson (our english buldog) was 4 months. They were inseparable and they share everything including these early prototype of sockoes.

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socks with rubber sole

I am a mother of four beautiful, active, girls that love to play outside wearing just there socks.

In an attempt to help keep the house clean, our family has a rule that no one is allowed to wear shoes inside of the house. This has created a problem with the little ones. My two youngest do not know how to put their own shoes on, and consequently run out of the house in just their socks. Although my two oldest girls know how to put their shoes on, nine times out of ten, they are too lazy to do so. As a result, we have a huge mountain of soiled socks to wash at the end of the week; of which many pairs are beyond repair.
In late 2008 I began to experiment with ways of making a comfortable foot dressing for my children that would allow them to run and play outside without having to put their shoes on every time they wanted to do so. Finally, after many attempts and adjustments, sockoes was born.

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Funky Sockoes

SOCKOES have new collection of funky shoes babies and toddlers. They are soo cute. We love the way that they look like.

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